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Chance Kornuth wins €10.000 High Roller after 3-way deal

Chance Kornuth wins 10.000 High Roller after 3 way deal

American poker pro Chance Kornuth has had an amazing year so far, winning the A$25K event during the Aussie Millions in January and finishing second in the €25K event in Dublin 2 weeks after. Kornuth shows he's planning to continue his streak after winning the €10K High Roller during the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo for €351.108.



The final table saw a lot of noteable names compete for the first price, such as Fedor Holz, Philipp Gruissem and Sergey Lebedev. Gruissem, Lebedev and Kornuth decided to make a deal after Holz busted in fourth after a huge herocall gone wrong.

In the fatal hand Holz limped from the cutoff seat with blinds 30.000/60.000/5.000. Lebedev called from the small blind and Kornuth checked his option in the big blind. On the flop 4d4c2c Lebedev checked, Kornuth bet 120.000 and only Holz called. The turn was the 2d, double pairing the board, and once again Kornuth bet, 325.000 this time. Holz called and the river was the 7d. Kornuth had Holz well covered and shoved all-in for 1.2 million effectively. Holz tanked before eventually making the call. Kornuth showed Qc2s for a full house, and Holz had to show his QhTh for just queen high. He later stated that he put Kornuth on 35, 36 or 56.



The three dealmakers didn't play on after the deal was made, so Kornuth earned himself the title.

The payouts of the final table were as follows.





Chance Kornuth



Philipp Gruissem



Sergey Lebedev



Fedor Holz



Murad Akhundov



Anthony Zinno



Felipe Ramos



Dmitry Yurasov