| On 8 years ago

Carbon Poker deletes 2+2 subforum


Carbon Poker has fallen under fire and criticism for deciding to shut down their subforum at the popular poker forum website 2+2. The surprising thing is that no warning was ever posted and all threads and posts were irrevocably deleted, giving rise to much anger but perhaps more dangerous than that, lots of speculation.

According to unverified sources, the move follows shortly after a decision from Carbon management to improve their customer support by offering only two contact methods: live-chat and email. That would still not explain the haste in deleting the subforum and not making any announcements.

Regardless of the reason for taking this decision, Carbon opened up a nasty can of worms since now the internet is rife with speculation, wild theories, fearmongering and very unhappy users. This will not end any time soon either, at least not while Carbon Poker doesn’t offer a satisfactory explanation.