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Canadian Ari Engel wins Aussie Millions Main Event

Canadian Ari Engel wins Aussie Millions Main Event

732 players paid $10.600 AUD for the 2016 Aussie Millions main event, which made it the fourth largest turnout of the event. The final table featured three Aussie's, but the homeplayers wouldn't make it into the top three, as the Americans Tony Dunst and Samantha Abernathy finished in second and third.


On the final day Engel held a massive chiplead with seven players remaining, and never gave that away. At the start of the final table Engel sat on an 8.1 million stack, Tony Dunst 5.9 million and Samantha Abernathy was in third position with 2.5 million, showing how huge Engel's chiplead was.


When the play was down to three-handed action, Samantha Abernathy – who was victim of a nasty slowroll with 15 players left – shoved for 15 big blinds from the small blind with Th8d and couldn't win against Engel's Ah9d, earning herself $625.000 AUD for her deep run. Tony Dunst started the four hour heads-up play with a slight chip advantage, but in the end made the incorrect hero-call to see Engel take the tournament down.


It happened with blinds 80K/160K, Dunst raised the button to 325K, and calling Engel's three-bet to 925K. On a Ts4d2h flop, Dunst called Engel's c-bet of 825K, which brought the Jc on the turn. Engel fired another bullet of 1.7M and again Dunst made the call. On the 9s river Engel moved all-in for effectively 6M chips, and after a long tank Dunst called it off with Ac4c. Unfortunately for him, Engel had improved on the turn with his Js7c. Engel was crowned as the Aussie Millions 2016 champion, earning himself $1.6 million AUD, Dunst had to settle for his great performance and $1 million AUD in the bank.



Here are the payouts of the final 7 players:

Place Player Earnings AUD Earnings USD

1 Ari Engel (CAN) $1.600.000 AUD $1.120.110

2 Tony Dunst (USA) $1.000.000 AUD $700.069

3 Samantha Abernathy (USA) $625.000 AUD $437.543

4 Alexander Lynskey (AUS) $445.000 AUD $311.530

5 Dylan Honeyman (AUS) $340.000 AUD $238.023

6 Kitty Kuo (HKG) $270.000 AUD $189.018

7 John Apostolidis (AUS) $210.000 AUD $147.014