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California Online Poker to be pushed back because of elections

California Online Poker to be pushed back because of elections

Online poker players in California hoping for regulated and legal online poker to launch in the state might have to wait longer than expected. Experts do agree that online poker will become a reality, much like it is in New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada, but they also agree that it will not happen any time soon.

Jeff Ifrah, a Washington D.C. attorney, stated his believe that the positive results experienced in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware can only help California in its chances of allowing online poker in the state: "Online gaming can actually generate new foot traffic for land-based casinos. There haven’t been any incidents where someone has accessed the system and actually played the game from outside of those three states, as far as I know. California coming online would dwarf any success that those other markets had".

But residents of California might have to wait at least another year because the odds of a new bill being passed during election year are remote. But the need for collecting new taxes from gambling revenues will at some point make the issue so important that a bill will most likely be passed in 2015.

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