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Caesars Interactive Now Offering PayPal As Payment Method

Caesars Interactive Now Offering PayPal As Payment Method

It hasn’t been very easy for Americans to deposit and withdraw on online poker sites since the UIGEA was passed in 2006 and effectively shut down all online wallet systems for Americans to use, such as Neteller and Skrill.

Some Americans continued to use PayPal for their gambling transactions, just hiding their traces so that their accounts wouldn’t be blocked by PayPal. This was not only risky, but also extremely difficult as you needed someone in Europe that you trusted to be able to make it work.

All of this is over now however, at least for the regulated US poker and casino markets, as Caesars Interactive is the first operator in the regulated market to offer PayPal legally as a payment method. PayPal has been approved for in Nevada initially, but it will also come to New Jersey next week.

PayPal has been a method for Europeans to use for their gambling habits for many years and it has been very popular in the UK, whereas the rest of Europe primarily used Skrill or Neteller. Now Americans have their first legalized online wallet to use, let’s hope it can boost their numbers significantly with the improved ways of depositing and withdrawing.