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Bryan Micon Pleads Guilty In Nevada Case

Bryan Micon Pleads Guilty In Nevada Case

Bryan Micon, the face of the now closed down Bitcoin poker site SealsWithClubs and current operator of SWCPoker, pleaded guilty to the charges brought on against him by the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Micon had his house searched earlier this year by “guys with guns” and flead to Antigua in order to escape prosecution. Micon however decided to come back to Nevada to face prosecution and made a deal for a lower punishment if he would plead guilty.

Micon pleaded guilty to having run an unlicensed interactive gaming system from Nevada, which could have send him in prison for up to 10 years. Instead he will now avoid jail time as long as he completes his probation.

If he completes his probation, the sentence will be looked upon as being for one gross misdemeanor count of conspiracy. The length of his probation has not been disclosed anywhere as of yet.

Besides the probation, Micon also has to pay a $25,000 fine and give up some artifacts seized during the raid in his house in Las Vegas, which included $900 in cash and a little over three Bitcoins.

Hopefully this won’t stop anyone else from continuing to operate Bitcoin-based gaming sites, as we need those for the markets that are heavily regulated.