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Bodog vs Pokerscout

Bodog vs Pokerscout

Bodog has been trying hard to set a new standard of poker play on their network by introducing anonymous tables and campaigning against poker tracking software and poker volume tracking sites like Pokerscout.

It is Pokerscout especially with whom Bodog has the biggest bone to pick and it seems they must have made a right move somewhere down the line for the site has managed to disappear for 24 hours from their listings.

According to Bodog, these tracking sites only benefit the grinders and sharks and will hurt the little and recreational player who is in fact the most important asset to any poker network liquidity. That's why the network invested heavily in technology to block sites and software from accumulating propietary data.

It seems the effort paid out as it is now impossible to collect concrete and accurate data from Bodog's poker network prompting many of these site administrators to leave and remove support for their software on the Bodog Network.