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Bodog Signs Sponsorship Deal withH2 Poker Club inSão PauloBrazil

Bodog Signs Sponsorship Deal withH2 Poker Club inS o PauloBrazil

Bodog, a major global online gambling operator, as part of its expansion programme, has recently launched in Brazil and has signed a sponsorship deal with the country’s biggest poker venue theSão Paulo’s H2 Poker Club.

This deal will allow Bodog to run its own dedicated lounge in the H2 Poker Club; the objective being for the famous brand to connect directly with its Brazilian customers.  In the next few months, various tournaments are to be organized which will incorporate all the characteristics of the global brand such as celebrities, models, specialized drinks and the inevitable parties.

According to industry experts, Brazil, with a population of around 208 million people is regarded as having a massive potential in the regulated gambling market and Bodog is positioning itself to make the most of this.  In February 2017 it announced that it would set up in 16 countries in Central and South America.