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Bluff Media Shut Down By Churchill Downs

Bluff Media Shut Down By Churchill Downs

Bluff Media, one of the world’s most famous and biggest poker outlets, announced late last week that they will be shutting down their operations. Bluff Media was the preferred magazine for poker players around the world since the poker boom started and their website was well visited.

The parent-company Churchill Downs didn’t feel like they could continue the operations of the company and decided to shut it down. The paper magazine already seized their operations in February this year and many believed that it would be the death of Bluff - They were right.

Bluff Media was founded back in 2004 by Eric Morris, Eddy Kleid, Jeff Markely and Michael Caselli in the basement of Morris. They wrote special pieces on poker players, strategy articles and also tournament reports from all the biggest tournaments around the world and helped globalize poker and reach new markets.

The site was purchased post Black Friday in 2011, when the advertising money was no longer the same due to most sites not being able to accept US players anymore. Churchill Downs purchased the company for $10 million and kept it alive for around 3.5 years before pulling the plug.

“A very sad day to see the company I founded basically cease operations. Lots of great memories and extremely proud to once be part of such a successful company.” Eric Morris wrote on Facebook, after reading the announcement.

Bluff Media also have a Bluff Europe version, which is not owned by Churchill Downs, which will continue their operations as usual. The site is not very active however. From all of us that enjoyed reading Bluff’s magazines in the past, we would like to say thank you to the entire staff for their great work for the poker industry as a whole and we hope that all employees will find new opportunities elsewhere.