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Aussie Millions: Fabian Quoss wins AU$100.000 Challenge, Steve O’Dwyer wins AU$250.000 Challenge


They get more and more popular: the poker tournaments with massive buy-ins. The so-called Super High Rollers attract more players every year, with buy-ins going up to as high as $1 million. At this year’s Aussie Millions the players with the big pockets had two tournaments to look forward to: the AU$100.000 Challenge and the LK Boutique AU$250.000 Challenge.



The AU$100.000 Challenge saw a total of 41 entries (11 of which were re-entries), creating a total pricepool of AU$4.018.000. After two days of play the following six players all banked at least AU$281.260: Fabian Quoss (1st – AU$1.446.480), Ben Tollerene (2nd – AU$924.140), Jason Mercier (3rd – AU$602.700), Connor Drinan (4th – AU$441.980), Sam Greenwood (5th – AU$321.440) and Fedor Holz (6th – AU$281.260). Not the easiest final table in the world.

Fabian Quoss said, after taking the tournament down: “I’ve never run so hot at a final table.” His first place finish earned himsself AU$1.446.480 beating pokersuperstar Ben Tollerene heads-up.



The LK Boutique AU$250.000 Challenge saw a total of 15 unique players, with only Feder Holz opting to re-enter. This created a total price pool of AU$3.920.000 with the top three players getting paid. The final four players, however, decided to make a juicy deal with AU$100.000 left to play for. The deal saw chipleader Connor Drinan take down AU$1.021.909, Fabian Quoss barely making another 7-figure payday with AU$956.896, Steve O’Dwyer securing AU$951.959 while shortstack David Peters received AU$889.236.



O’Dwyer dealt heads-up with David Peters in a nasy cooler where both players flopped top pair on a Qh6h3s flop, and both players improved to 2 pair, O’Dwyer’s QcTs topping Peters’ Qd7c. The money went in on the river and O’Dwyer scored yet another big tournament win, his 7th win since he took down EPT Monte Carlo in 2013.