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Asi Moshe Wins WSOP Event #55 for $582,321

Asi Moshe Wins WSOP Event 55 for 582 321

The World Series of Poker Event #55, $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em, has come to an end after three days of play and we have found the winner of the tournament. Canadian Asi Moshe took down the title after playing heads-up against his fellow Canadian Michael Ferrer and having played a solid final table.

The tournament attracted quite a large crowd, many of the players who busted out of Event #51 Monster Stack, decided to give themselves yet another try in a similar tournament. This meant that 2,396 players entered in Event #55 at the WSOP, creating a prize pool of $3,234,600 for the players to battle it out for.

Unfortunately as it goes always, most of the players were gone before we reached the final day three, were only 17 players had chips left to play. After a few hours of play we were down to the final nine players and even from there it didn't take that long to be down to the heads-up play between the Canadians.

The final table didn't see many well known faces, but that didn't mean that the players were not there to play poker. In total we managed to play 180 hands of final table poker before it was over and the last hand was a semi-setup that didn't go Michael Ferrer's way.

Ferrer raised to 330,000 on the button and received a call from Moshe in the big blind. The flop came Queen Spades5 Diamonds2 Clubs, Moshe checks and Ferrer bet 320,000 into the pot. Moshe thinks for a while and decides to call. Turn was a 3 Hearts and once again Moshe check-calls a bet from Ferrer, this time 540,000. The river was a 4 Clubs and this time Moshe led out into the pot, betting 1,750,000. Ferrer tanked for a while before deciding to move all his chips to the middle, only to see himself getting a snap-call from Moshe.

Ferrer showed: Ace ClubsQueen Diamonds for a Ace to five straight

Moshe showed: 5 Clubs6 Clubs for a 2-6 straight

And that was the end for Ferrer who had to settle for second place and $361,207, while Moshe could celebrate his first WSOP bracelet and a massive first prize of $582,321.

Final Table Payouts:

  1. Asi Moshe - $582,321
  2. Michael Ferrer - $361,207
  3. Aaron Massey - $255,209
  4. David Jackson - $183,498
  5. Bobby Poe - $133,686
  6. Henrik Hecklen - $98,687
  7. Marc-Etienne McLaughlin - $73,781
  8. Timothy West - $55,861
  9. Brian Kennedy - $42,826
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