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Anti-Online Poker and Terrorism Campaign by Adelson

Anti Online Poker and Terrorism Campaign by Adelson

According to the latest ad released by the Coallition Against Internet Gambling, online poker represents a threat to Americans young and old, and a usefull system for mobsters and terrorists to syphon money from American households to finance many 9-11 style attacks.

Sheldon Adelson's funded anti-online poker and gambling coallition has just released the first of a planned series of videos depicting the dangers that online gambling and poker represent for the common American family.

The ad mentions the following warnings: "While the FBI is busy defending against terrorist threats and cyberattacks, Internet gambling will give criminals across the world a foothold in every American household, attracting criminal activity not only at home but internationally".

John Pappas, director of the Poker Players Alliance, refutes the statement and adds: "The notion that licensed and regulated Internet poker would be an attractive conduit for terrorism financing is on its face laughable. There isn't a shred of evidence to support this, except for far-fetched claims manufactured by this coalition".

Watch the ad here: