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Andre Lettau Wins EPT Main Event and Ihar Soika Wins the High Roller

Andre Lettau Wins EPT Main Event and Ihar Soika Wins the High Roller

The two most anticipated tournaments of the European Poker Tour in Barcelona, the Main Event and the High Roller, both came to an end late last night, where a winner was found of the 100th European Poker Tour tournament in history.

The EPT in Barcelona has been one of the most successful poker festivals in history and players has done nothing but say positive things about the schedule, the organization and everything else surrounding the 100th EPT. Past years fiasco's in Barcelona has been forgotten, as the festival shined and delivered some of the best experiences that many of these live poker professionals has had.

Tons of records were crushed at this EPT, clearly showing that the support for live poker, Pokerstars and the EPT has never been better, despite everyone talking about recession in poker. The Main Event attracted a massive 1,496 players paying the €5,300 buy-in, creating a massive prize pool with a massive €1,2 million for first place.

The Germans dominated the Main Event throughout and when we eventually reached the final table, we had a total of three out of eight being German. It was also a German who ended up winning, as Andre Lettau took home the title, after making a three way deal with Samuel Phillips and Hossein Ensan. The deal secured Lettau more money than he would otherwise get for second place, but ended up costing him €400,000 compared to winning the tournament straight out, as he got €794,058

Phillips from the USA took home second place and €1,021,275, having been the massive chip leader at the time of the deal being made. Third place went to Ensan, who took home €652,667 for his six day efforts.

In the €10,300 High Roller Tournament we saw a field consisting of around 300 players, registering a total of 393 times, creating a prize pool of €3,851,400. Many of the biggest names in poker were playing the tournament, but none were any match for Ihar Soika, who took down the tournament in front of Jason Mercier after winning the final hand of the tournament with As9k against Mercier's 6k6h all-in preflop, with the board showing AkTh3r5r2r

Soika took home €747,200 for his three day efforts and won the biggest high roller tournament ever played in the EPT, registration wise.

Final Table Payouts - Main Event

  1. Andre Lettau - €794,058 (3-way deal)
  2. Samuel Phillips - €1,021,275 (3-way deal)
  3. Hossein Ensan - €652,667 (3-way deal)
  4. Andrea Dato - €362,000
  5. Andrey Shatilov - €286,000
  6. Kiryl Radzivonau - €224,500
  7. Ji Zhang - €171,600
  8. Slaven Popov - €121,300

Final Table Payouts - High Roller

  1. Ihar Soika - €747,200
  2. Jason Mercier - €473,500
  3. Ismail Erkenov - €342,400
  4. Ami Barer - €276,900
  5. Benjamin Pollak - €219,000
  6. Marc-Andre Ladouceur - €168,600
  7. Stephen Chidwick - €125,600
  8. Carlos Chadha - €90,900
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