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Amauri Grutka wins Latin American Poker Championship Main Event

Amauri Grutka wins Latin American Poker Championship Main Event

Amauri Grutka claimed the first prize at the partypoker Latin American Poker Championship $1,100 Main Event at Punta del Este in Uruguay topping a field of 1,137 on Sunday evening.

This win is the biggest win of his career as he wins $200,000 which is more than the rest of his $154,000 in cash winnings combined.

Joao Simao, the partypoker sponsored pro who was the runner-up in the 5,300 Super High Roller, advanced to the final table but this time he finished at the fourth position.

The tournament surpassed its $1 million guaranteed prize pool with the solid-turn out at Punta de Este.

Argentinian high rollers Leo Fernandez and Damian Salas were among those who made money but fell short of reaching the final table. Kirsten Bicknell almost reached the final table, but he missed the chance and settled for 10th place.

Till the end, only eight were left at the table where five competitors hailed from South America's most prominent country.

Grutka went to the final table with a slight advantage of margin over Yi Lin, the only non-South American player in the event. After the elimination Francisco Garcia, Lucas Scafini ran queens into Lin's kings to give Lin a big chip lead.

Bruno Kawauti, who secured 15th place in the 2013 WSOP Main Event, got eliminated when he tried to play a small blind with Jack of clubs and 4 of spades and ran into the fours held by Federico Dania.

Both Lin and Grutka had over 60 big blinds heads up, with Grutka the slightly deeper of the two. But, with his quick moves, he outplayed Lin and won the tournament.