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Alvan Zheng winner of biggest event in historical Macau event

Alvan Zheng winner of biggest event in historical Macau event

The 2016 Macau Millions main event goes into the Macau record books for largest field with an astonishing 2343 entries, pulverizing their previous record of 1804 entrants set in 2014. After three days of playing poker, with day 1 being divided into 1a, 1b and 1c, it was Chinese Alvan Zheng who came out the strongest. With the win, he turned HK$3.000 into HK$911.000 (which is the better part of $120.000).


APPT President Danny McDonagh made some structure changes compared to last year. The six Day 1's were decreased to just three and the buy-in was a little higher than last year's HK$2.200 buy-in. McDonagh proudly stated: “The structure adjustments that were implemented have clearly worked as intended and it's a terrific accomplishment to break the record in half the amount of days.”


The final table consisted of three Chinese players, who remarkably all finished in the top 3, three players from Hong Kong, one player from Singapore, a player from Chinese Taipei and the Russian female player Tatiana Barausova.


After Zheng beat fellow Chinese Quan Zhou heads up, in a hand where both players flopped 2 pair on a T 5 2 flop, Zheng shouted: “Finally! I'm excited and overwhelmed!”
Zhou doesn't have to go home emptyhanded either; he takes home HK$700.000 for his amazing performance.