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Alan Lau Triumphs in PokerStars Macau Red Dragon Finale

Alan Lau Triumphs in PokerStars Macau Red Dragon Finale

The 2017 Red Dragon Main Event, which featured the closing battle in the PokerStars Macau Poker Cup 26 tournament, was won Thursday by Hong Kong poker champion Alan Lau. Mr Lau cashed HK$3,265,000, which amounts to approximately USD 420,000.

In the final table, Lau started out second in chips but in a while gained an advantage over Chien Fa Chou. Then an exchange of clashes followed between Lau and Bobby Zhang, with the latter dominating in the process. However, Lau managed to capitalize on a critical mistake made by Zhang, four-bet shoving for about 50 big blinds with fours when Lau had aces and three-bet him button versus cutoff.

As the game remained six-handed, the American Edwin Gerard could not beat Lau’s tens with his sixes while at the same time Zhang fell in fourth after losing a race to Chien Fa Chou. The situation resulted in a collosal lead for Lau who stood against Chou in the final heads-up and secured a win after a ten-hand exchange.

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