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Affiliates posing as players to cashout from Everleaf

Affiliates posing as players to cashout from Everleaf

A press statement held on Friday by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta implied that the majority of complaints received by the Everleaf Gaming Network come from ''non-genuine players'' as these were analized. It was detected they were issued by affiliates disguised as real playes, stated the LGA.

Since the start of 2013 it was informed that slow payments in the Everleaf Network was a popular issue that the LGA had to interfer in to set it straight. A year after this, most of the players have received their locked up funds with the network.

However, poor withdrawal options have unsatisfied both US and non- US  players to such level they even opened a Facebook account to share and keep track of their cashing experiences.

In spite of what has been done by the LGA to fix this problem, complaints have kept coming and investigated but, most of them were spotted out of being from "non genuine players".