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Adrian Moreno Wins His First WSOP Gold Bracelet In $1,111 Buy-In Little One For One Drop

Adrian Moreno Wins His First WSOP Gold Bracelet In 1 111 Buy In Little One For One Drop

Adrian Moreno won $1,111 buy-in Little One for One Drop no-limit hold’em event. Moreno dedicated his victory to a close friend he recently lost, for which he had to fly back home for a day only to return to win this match for his lost friend. For the 48-year-old Ontario, California native, Moreno, it was his first WSOP gold bracelet. He also earned a prize of $528,316 along with the bracelet defeating an army of 4,391 entries.

Moreno entered the game with 12 players remaining on the final day with 11th chip position. The chip leader was Matt Berkley, a poker pro, holding in twice as many chips as the next nearest player to him and maintained the lead till the game was down to three-handed play.

Lesjoe knocked Berkley out. Berkley made $240,588 in the event. Soon after Lesjoe took the lead but that ended quickly, after Moreno found a double to even things out and built a 2-to-1 lead till the final hand arose. He further got all-in with a straight and flush draw against Lesjoe and put him out. Lesjoe earned $326,314.

Of the total 74 events, it was the last event of WSOP 2017, though other tournaments that started earlier are yet to end. The game could manage to generate $487,401 for the WSOP partnered charity the One Drop foundation that provides access to clean and safe water for the underprivileged around the world. Every single participant of the tournament opted to make an optional donation of $111 that garnered players; additional chips.