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Adelson's anti-poker bill goes public

Adelson's anti poker bill goes public

The bill, which is planned to be introduced to the US House of Representatives, while still on its early stages has not yet been assigned a number and it has no sponsors yet. These things will change soon enough, especially considering how powerfull Adelson is and how easily he could afford to raise supporters and sponsors for his bill. The bill is also very short, barely three full pages, making it one of the easiest bills for consideration.

The bill is called "Internet Gambling Control Act (IGCA)" and its primary goal is to "restore long-standing United States policy that the Wire Act prohibits Internet gambling". The purpose is to amend the current Wire Act definitions like 'wire communications' which according to Adelson's bill should include the internet and not just traditional communication channels such as phones.

The bill also means to expand the definition of 'any sporting event or contest' so that it will include 'games in part or predominantly subject to chance, including games in which players compete against each other, and not against any person, entity, or fellow player hosting the game, the outcome of which, over any significant interval, is predominantly determined by the skill of the players'. Players competing against each other in games which are part subject to chance and predominantly determined by skill means nothing else than poker.