A fully decentralized Poker application is announced to launch in Q2

Cartesi and Polygon have recently announced the development of a fully decentralized Poker game on top of Polygon’s PoS Chain. The Cartesi team is developing the game with Cartesi’s Descartes SDK using traditional software stacks as well as computationally intensive encryption algorithms (mental poker).

In a press release it was said that the poker game is currently in an advanced stage of development with an expected launch somewhere in Q2 of this year. With the final product, Cartesi and Polygon aim to showcase how powerful both technologies can be to the nascent blockchain game industry, and also how developers or organizations will be able to re-use the tech on other turn-based games. Software developers, for the first time, will be able to build such decentralized games with mainstream software components supported by Linux.

Copying in straight from their press release, it is said that Cartesi’s Descartes SDK brings the ability to scale computation and to use mainstream software components to build decentralized logic. The game uses LibTMCG, a software library that enables data privacy for online card games. Because of Cartesi’s technology mainstream software components like LibTMCG can be used in a fully decentralized way on top of blockchains. Polygon, in its turn, provides a highly efficient side-chain with usability and economy compatible with the costs and speed expected for a smooth end-user experience. 

Erick de Moura, Chief Executive Officer of Cartesi, confirmed the collaboration and said: 

“Cartesi and Polygon are both committed to bringing convenience and efficiency to developers and the users of their applications. The integration of the two technologies unlock interesting and unique possibilities, with the decentralized poker being a concrete result of our collaboration. It is a quite relevant tech demo not only for decentralized game developers but for the blockchain ecosystem as a whole.”

Arjun Kalsy, Vice President Growth at Polygon said:

“We are excited to see this fusion of Polygon & Cartesi’s technology to run code in a linux machine in a web3 environment. We feel that this combination can be leveraged in several different ways to bring never seen before flexibility to the blockchain ecosystem and thereby involve more web2 developers in the growing blockchain ecosystem.”

We have asked the developers to provide some feedback on the integrity of the game, for example how will they assure cards will be dealt randomly and how will they prevent cheating or other forms of fraud? 

And what about hand histories, will they remain private or be out on the blockchain for anyone to look into? 

In their response they referred to a technical paper that will be released closer to the game launch, where most of the technical details will be shared, beside the codes itself. 

We also asked about their relevance amid reputable and regulated companies as PokerStars. The team said that that “having trust-less alternatives is always a key reason for making a DApp (decentralized application). “For example, what would happen if a PokerStars would decide to raise their fees significantly, would players still be there because of the trust in a centralized party running the game?”

They make fair point and such a decentralized alternative could ultimately be a means to keep them ‘honest’ but the extent to which a relatively small newcomer will have some effect on this remains to be seen of course. The developers have expressed no ambitions as such either but the technical innovation it might bring to the industry is something to look forward to.

“At the moment, the objective of the game is to be a tech demo”, the developers explained.

More information can be found on:



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