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888poker Launches Its New Poker Game ‘Flopomania’

888poker Launches Its New Poker Game Flopomania

888poker launched a new poker game, Flopomania, on Sunday. The game comes out officially three weeks after 888poker accidentally activated Flopomania tables early. Players have been eager to try the game out, though it’s officially out now.

Flopomania game is played just like a regular poker game mostly, but with no pre-flop betting. The game requires hole cards and flops dealt right away and betting starts with the flop. The rest of the game then proceeds as normal.

The game also has no blinds either. All the players put their stakes at the beginning of the hand, and the player to the left of the dealer acts first and is called the “First to Act Player” because there is no small or big blind.

Flopomania is designed to create more action for the players by keeping them engaged and generate more income for 888poker. According to the company’s website, Flopomania did exceptionally well on its opening day. 50 % more players tried Flopomania than those who tried another 888poker’s recent game Blast on Sunday.