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888poker Announces Launch Of XL Eclipse

888poker Announces Launch Of XL Eclipse

888poker is launching on September 10, XL Eclipse. It will have 197 events on its schedule and spans over 15 days. It is a huge event, where the players are being offered a huge value based on buy-in level.

The XL Eclipse will commence with a mini Opening Event on the 10th of September with the buy-in of just $12 and a prize pool of $50,000. Players will be given 15,000 starting chip stacks with 15 minutes blind levels. Players will have the option of unlimited rebuys throughout the first 200 minutes of the event. Considering it the opening day of the series, it looks great for an event.

On 16th $20,000 Mini Crazy 8 event is scheduled with a $8.88 buy-in and $20,000 in prize money. Players will be provided with 8,888 starting chips with blinds set to change every 15 minutes. It will offer the player unlimited rebuys throughout 180 minutes of the event.

The players can participate in the Mini Show Me! Tournament, on September 18 for just $5 with a low prize pool of $3,000. The event will not offer rebuys and will offer players 10,000 in chips with 10 minutes blind levels. The event is a unique concept where players can see the winning card with each hand.