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888's Snap Poker on alpha testing

888's Snap Poker on alpha testing

According to an article by Pokerfuse, 888Poker has rolled out a real-money, alpha-testing version for their new game called Snap Poker which is basically pretty much the same as FTP's Rush Poker, Bodog's Zone Poker or PokerStars' Zoom Poker games where players can fold before their turn is up and get moved to another table for immediate action.

The Snap Poker tables are available only on 1c/2c stakes and have a very basic neon look to them. Once the game is rolled out to the general public, Snap Poker will be available for ring games and tournaments and will be listed in the regular game list with a distintive mark as well as in their own dedicated tab.

888 has been slow to introduce the fast-fold game considering its mayor competitors have already done so for months already. Other similar games are available from a multitude of operators under such names as Strobe, Zone, Blaze, Rush or Zoom Poker.

Source: Pokerfuse