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$5 Million Raised for One Drop Charity During WSOP

5 Million Raised for One Drop Charity During WSOP

Back in 2012 the World Series of Poker hosted their very first tournament where the tournament fee would not be going to the house, but instead go directly to charity. The tournament was called the Big One for One Drop and was created by Guy Laliberte, who founded the charity organization.

One Drop is a fresh water organization, who focuses on trying to provide clean drinking water for kids and adults in third world countries, where access to that is beyond limited. Laliberte's idea was to create a high stakes tournament where the players would donate around 11% to the charity. Out came the $1 million buy-in One Drop tournament, where $111,111 went to charity for every buy-in paid.

Now we have reached a few seasons into the One Drop integration and this year was by far the biggest year donation wise for the One Drop foundation. A massive $5,273,047 was raised through the Bit One for One Drop and the Little One for One Drop as well as through regular donations from players and others around the WSOP.

As 42 players played the Big One for One Drop, a massive $4,666,662 was collected for charity through that tournament, $499,056 was collected through the Little One for One Drop with $111 donated to the charity for every one of the 4,496 players and finally $107,329 was donated to the charity outside of these tournaments, Pokernews reports.

"This year’s results are once again outstanding. We can really say that everyone has come out a winner, not just the players, but all the communities who will benefit from the generous amount raised.” Guy Laliberte said regarding this year's great One Drop results.

More than $12 million has been donated to the One Drop Foundation since 2012, a foundation that was founded back in 2007. Hopefully the positive trend will continue for several years to come.