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23 year old wins WSOP's $8.4 million prize

23 year old wins WSOP's 8.4 million prize

Ryan Riess, a young poker professional from Michigan, became the latest winner of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) on Tuesday, after an intense bout for the title. He managed to make his way to the top and claim the $8.4 million prize after a grueling session which started with Riess trailing behind his opponent, Jay Farber, who was finally put all-in with Ace-King.

When interviewed, Farber said he plans to keep his job even after winning the $5.2 million second place prize. Riess on the other hand, when asked how such a young poker player made his way to the top, replied with confidence: "I just think I'm the best player in the world".

Both Riess and Farber and another seven finalists managed to come out victorious from a player pool of 6352 who originally participated in the NL Texas Hold'Em tournament in July. Riess eliminated four of the finalists while Farber eliminated the remaining three.

Farber told interviewers that he had sold stakes of his earnings because he could not afford the $10,000 buy-in by himself. Even though he refuses to give exact figures, its speculated that he will not be keeping the majority of the pot and that his investors stand to gain over $800,000 for every $1000 they invested in him.