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Oleksii Khoroshenin Winner of EPT Vienna Main Event

By Daniel Allermand

The EPT Vienna stop has come to an end and the winner of the prestigious main event has been found. Oleksii Khoroshenin from Ukraine won the main event and €578,392 after beating Anthony Ghamrawi heads up with a massive chiplead. Khoroshenin is the first winner of an EPT main event to come out of Ukraine, walking away with a place in the history books, a great trophy, nice watch and €578,392. Not a bad day.

The EPT Vienna festival received many compliments for its hosting, with players saying that it is one of the best surroundings they have ever experienced on the tour. The players also seemed to be influenced by the beautiful surroundings, as the tables were never boring or nitty, but instead full of action every single day.

Even in the final table the players were bluffing and playing big pots right from the start, which provided great TV and rail for those watching. The last hand of the tournament was also very interesting, as Ghamrawi was ahead on the flop, but couldn’t hold up. The hand went like this:

Khoroshenin raises 380,000 on the button with  and Ghamrawi calls with .

Flop comes

Ghamrawi checks and Khoroshenin bets 450,000 only to get a check-raise from Ghamrawi to 1,225,000. Khoroshenin answered to the check-raise with yet another raise to 2,500,000, after which Ghamrawi announced all-in and Khoroshenin called.

Turn  and Khoroshenin had not only hit a flush, but also won the tournament. The river was a meaningless  and Khoroshenin began celebrating his amazing victory.

Image Source: PokerNews.com

Daniel Allermand

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