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Posted: , by , Level 12

Sinding has had a bad day at the office and was down to having only around 18,000 in chips. His frustration made him go all-in from the button and he got a call from the player in SB.

Sinding shows King Diamonds6 Clubs

SB shows Ace SpadesKing Clubs

Flop Ace ClubsQueen Hearts7 Spades

Turn Queen Clubs

River 2 Diamonds

And Sinding is out. 

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Sinding has just been put under pressure from the player on his left, as the two battled over a decent sized pot.

Sinding sits in LP and raises to 2,500 pre-flop, but gets re-raised by CO to 6,200. Sinding calls after thinking 4 minutes time.


King Clubs4 Diamonds2 Diamonds

Both players check


4 Hearts

Sinding now fires 8,500 into the pot, but gets raised all-in by his opponent very fast. Sinding thinks for around 3-4 minutes and makes a fold that seemed like it didn't please him.

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...But gets no callers at all.

Tobias Sinding was sitting in UTG+2 and pushed what looked like A6s. The others would have none of it and decided to fold, providing Sinding with more chips to his stack.

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We came by Sinding's table and spotted him in the middle of a hand.

The flop is

10 Hearts3 Diamonds3 Clubs

Barone bets out 3,500 and Sinding calls.


Ace Diamonds

Both players check


5 Spades

Barone checks and Sinding fires 13,500 into the pot. Barone thinks for a few minutes and sigh's as he folds his hand.

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An italian player has just been all-in for his tournament life against Tobias Sinding.

The player calls the blinds from MP and Sinding in SB raises to 2,200 chips. MP then pushes all-in for 5,775 and Sinding calls.

MP shows 10 Diamonds8 Diamonds

Sinding shows King HeartsQueen Hearts


5 Diamonds6 Diamonds9 Hearts 

Giving MP both a straight and a flush draw


Queen Clubs

Providing Sinding with top pair


9 Diamonds

And MP hits his flush draw.

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We just saw Tobias Sinding at the tables once again today, where he told us that he just had to buy in to the tour again. About his table draw from today, Sinding seamed quite pleased despite the players being extremely aggressive.

I've already seen more action in the first level of play today than i saw in 6 levels yesterday. There is multiple raisers and callers in each hand and everyone is very aggressive. This kind of table is much better for me than the one i had yesterday.


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Tobias Sinding and Mark Vella has just been all-in preflop, though Sinding was the only one at risk for his tournament life.

Vella raised 1,500, Sinding reraised to 3,500, Vella again reraising to 10,600 and then all in for 11,000 by Sinding, which Vella calls.

Vella shows Ace HeartsKing Hearts and Sinding Shows Queen SpadesQueen Hearts

The board comes 4 Diamonds6 Spades3 Hearts8 Clubs10 Spades so no help for Vella and Sinding wins 22,000.

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Yet another big hand has just been played in the tournament

UTG+1 raises to 425 pre and receives a call from Tobias Sinding and Ina Pavlova.

Flop comes 8 ClubsQueen Diamonds3 Hearts

All players check

Turn Queen Hearts

UTG+1 and Sinding checks, Pavlova bets 2,400. UTG+1 reraises to 6,000 and gets a call from Sinding while Pavlova folds. 

River 7 Hearts

UTG+1 goes all-in for 15,775

Tobias tanks for around 5 minutes before making a fold.

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Tobias Sinding from Norway has been playing some pots, but hasn't really won or lost any big hands so far. The seat next to him has just been occupied by Ina Pavlova, which seems to work out great as the two know each other.