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We came by Sinding's table and spotted him in the middle of a hand.

The flop is

10 Hearts3 Diamonds3 Clubs

Barone bets out 3,500 and Sinding calls.


Ace Diamonds

Both players check


5 Spades

Barone checks and Sinding fires 13,500 into the pot. Barone thinks for a few minutes and sigh's as he folds his hand.

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An italian player has just been all-in for his tournament life against Tobias Sinding.

The player calls the blinds from MP and Sinding in SB raises to 2,200 chips. MP then pushes all-in for 5,775 and Sinding calls.

MP shows 10 Diamonds8 Diamonds

Sinding shows King HeartsQueen Hearts


5 Diamonds6 Diamonds9 Hearts 

Giving MP both a straight and a flush draw


Queen Clubs

Providing Sinding with top pair


9 Diamonds

And MP hits his flush draw.

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Sergio Della Ventura is sitting UTG and calls the Big Blind, Alessandro Barone is in Small Blind and calls the Big Blind as well, while Tobias Sinding is in BB and checks.


King Hearts8 Clubs2 Hearts

All three players check


Jack Spades

Barone now fires 1,000 chips, Sinding folds and Ventura quickly raise to 3,000. Barone calls after 30 seconds.


9 Clubs

Ventura quickly bets 6,000 into the pot and Barone folds after 20 seconds time.

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While half of the tables were on dinner break, the other half used the time to play some big pots.

We just came by table 6 again where a big hand was unfolding. We came on turn where the board shows

2 Hearts6 Hearts7 Clubs8 Spades

UTG bets 4,400 chips into the 10,000 pot. Alessandro Barone in UTG+2 thanks for a few minutes and raises to 15,000.

UTG doesn't seem intimidated and pushes all-in after a minutes time, with a snap call from Barone.

UTG shows 10 Diamonds10 Hearts for an overpair

Barone shows 10 Clubs9 Diamonds for a straight. 

UTG needs to catch a 9 to tie the pot, but as river comes a

King Clubs there is no help for him and he losses 26,700 extra as he had Barone covered.

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The raises are flying everywhere on table 6 and the players continue to try and control the table.

UTG raises to 600, UTG+1 calls and MP re-raises to 1,850.

UTG and UTG+1 calls.


9 ClubsAce Hearts3 Hearts

UTG, UTG+1 and MP all check


3 Spades

UTG and UTG+1 both check and MP bets 1.850.

UTG re-raises to 6,000, UTG+1 folds and MP calls.


2 Spades

Both players check.

MP shows 10 Spades10 Clubs and UTG folds.

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Table 6 is by far the most aggressive table today, with every single hand being raised, re-raised and so forth. We observed a hand that shows pretty well how loose the game is pre-flop.

UTG raises to 250, MP calls, MP+1 re-raises to 1050, CO calls, UTG calls and MP folds.

Flop Ace SpadesAce Diamonds9 Clubs

UTG checks, MP+1 bets 2,200, CO folds and UTG calls

Turn 10 Hearts

UTG checks and MP+1 bets 5,000. UTG thinks for a few minutes, but ends up folding.

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