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We just witnessed another large hand between Jacob Nielsen and Steven Van Zadelhoff.

Jacob raises to 10,000 from UTG+1 and Steven re-raise to 27,000 from UTG+2. Nielsen calls.


2 ClubsQueen Hearts7 Clubs

Nielsen checks and Zadelhoff bets 27,000 again. Nielsen tanks for 5 minutes and finds a call.


Jack Diamonds

Nielsen checks again and Zadelhoff bets 67,000. Nielsen shoves all-in for around 270,000 and Zadelhoff folds after a few minutes of thinking.

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Nicola Sasso has just been in a war with the two other big stacks at his table. 

Jacob Nielsen raised under the gun plus one to 8,000, and from his left Steven Van Zadelhoff called and Sasso called from the big blind.

The flop brought 5 Clubs3 Spades6 Diamonds, Sasso and Nielsen checked and Van Zadelhoff fired 18,000 which Sasso called, Nielsen folded.

On the turn the Jack Hearts hit and Sasso checked, Van Zadelhoff bet 35,000. Sasso thought for a moment and raises to 72,000 chips which makes Zadelhoff fold.

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Steven van Zadelhoff paid a weak flush , could he keep out from this spot? 

The player in the HiJack position opened to 825, the Dutch Pro from the Button made a call and also the BigBlind called.

The Flop is: 8 Spades7 SpadesAce Spades

BigBlind checked , the player in the HiJack position bets 3025 , Steven van Zadelhoff called , BigBlind reaise Allin for 11825 and both following players called his push.


Turn: 3 Spades Check - Check

River Card: 9 Clubs Check - Check

Showdown: Steven van Zadelhoff showed 9 Spades10 Spades , BigBling showed Queen Spades2 Spades and HiJack mucks.

Steven van Zadelhoff lost 12650 chips