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Posted: , by Daniele Casino, Level 22

Nicola Sasso raised to 33,000 chips under the gun and received a call from Federico Fulciniti. The flop brought out Queen Clubs4 Spades2 Hearts, Sasso bet 38,000 chips and Fulciniti made the call.

The turn was the Jack Hearts, Sasso bet 55,000 and Fulciniti opted for another call. The river completed the board with the Jack Spades and Sasso bet another 53,000 chips and his opponent called. Sasso showed King DiamondsKing Spades while Fulciniti mucked.

Posted: , by Daniele Casino, Level 22

Giovanni Safina raised to 35,000 and Nicola Sasso three-bet from small blind up to 85,000 chips and received the call from his opponent.

On the flop, Sasso bet 100,000 and his opponent pushed all in for 300,000 chips. Sasso opted to make the call and the showdown went as following.




Posted: , by Daniele Casino, Level 19

Vannucci Simone mini raised at 16000 chips, called Miljanic Miljan and Sasso Nicola from small blind.

On the flop Ace Diamonds3 Spades5 Diamonds, Vannucci betted 20000 chips, Miljanic folded while Sasso raised up to 50000 chips, Vannucci pushed for 180000 chips and Sasso made snap called.

Showdown: Sasso 4 Clubs2 Clubs and Vannucci Ace SpadesJack Diamonds,

Turn 10 Clubs and river 9 Spades decrees the elimination from tournament of Vannucci Simone