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Posted: , by Daniele Casino, Level 2

The hand was alreday running in a 3-way pot and on this Flop: 3 SpadesQueen Diamonds4 Hearts  the BigBlind ( Poli Soriano)  betted 425 revceing only one call from CutOff position ( Mirabile Antonio).

The turn card is: King Hearts  that saw Soriano place a bet of 650 immediately raised from Mirabile up to 2500 chips and Soriano opted for a fold. 

Spanish people seems like they don't like to waste their money


Posted: , by Daniele Casino, Level 8

Poli Soriano, seated on a table full of Italians opened from UTG+1 at 1250, snapcalled from Middle Position ( Italian Player) and from BigBlind also.

The flop were : 2 Clubs4 ClubsAce Clubs and Soriano placed a bet of 2000 chips and both players folded their hands


Posted: , by Daniele Casino, Level 7

Poker is not only a hitting game as you sometimes have to bluff, but you need how to do it and Poli Soriano knows just that!

The Spanish poker player open sto 1250 from middle position and get called by CutOff.


The flop comes: King HeartsJack Hearts7 Spades

Soriano placed a continuation bet of 1750 and received a call from his opponent.


The turn is a Jack Spades and Soriano checked ( most probably he had already planned his bluff ), CutOff bets 2200 , Soriano raise to 5500 and received a call.

The river card is: 8 Spades Soriano moved allin for 12K, his opponent fold and The Spanish Player showed Queen Hearts10 Diamonds.

Soriano now have like 40K

Posted: , by Daniele Casino, Level 5

There is a lot of action at table n.1 , and usually a player from UTG opened at 700, Poli Soriano made a call.

Here come the flop: 9 Spades5 Clubs8 Spades

The player Under The Gun checked, Soriano bets 1000 and is immediately called from his opponent.

The turn is : Jack Spades , UTG call , The Spanish Soriano bets 2000 inducing his opponent to push allin, and this is what happened, UTG went allin , just 9K more to call for Soriano that snapped and showed Ace Spades 6 Spades while his opponent showed Jack Diamonds10 Diamonds.


Soriano collected 25400 chips.


Posted: , by Daniele Casino, Level 4

The Spanish poker player Poli Soriano opened at 450 from UTG position and received 2 calls from the middle of the table.

The flop is:  Queen Clubs6 Hearts10 Hearts

Soriano placed a continuation bet of 750, middle1 opponent raised to 2500 and Poli opted for a call.

The Turn is: 8 Hearts

Both player involved check on the turn

The River is: 6 Hearts

The Spanish Soriano bets 3600 and his opponent folds.