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We just saw Kanit and Losice play a large pot against each other.

We arrive at the table when the turn is shown the board is 9 Hearts8 Clubs6 HeartsJack Spades

The pot at this point is already at around 32,000, so Losice pushes in his last 16,000.

Kanit tanks for around 5 minutes, looking at his cards several times before he decides to make a call.

The cards are flipped over and Losice shows Ace DiamondsAce Spades, while Kanit shows 10 Hearts10 Spades and has plenty of outs as he can hit any queen, seven or ten to win the pot.

Unfortunately the river brings a 2 Spades and Losice wins the 64,000 pot,

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We just talked to DonBartos who could tell us that he had just busted out of the tournament and was on his way to buy in to the tour again.

The hand he busted on was played against what DonBartos calls 'Spewy Fishes'.

UTG raises to 700, MP calls and DonBartos calls

Flop is K92 rainbow

DonBartos checks, UTG bets 1,000, MP calls 1,000 and so does DonBartos.

Turn is another 2

DonBartos checks,

UTG checks

MP bets 4,000

DonBartos calls and UTG folds.

River is a Q

DonBartos checks and MP puts him all-in for around 10,000. DonBartos tanks for a few minutes and finds a call with King Diamonds5 Diamonds, but unfortunately for him MP has AA and scoops the pot.

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Browsing around the poker hall brought us to a very interesting hand.

Unknown player in UTG raises to 400

Alban Guerbotte is sitting UTG+1 and calls 400

Clint Samut is sitting in MP and raise to 1,200

UTG folds and Guberbotte reraises to 6,600 and gets a call from Samut.

Flop comes 5 Spades3 Spades5 Clubs

Guerbotte bets 5,000 into the pot and receives a snap fold from Samut that shows King ClubsKing Hearts. Guerbotte says 'nice fold' and shows Ace SpadesAce Hearts