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Posted: , by Daniele Casino, Level 18

Sofia Lovgren made a raise and received a re-raise from Fulciniti, than it's time to push all in for Lovgren, 51K in total.

Fulciniti snap called and showed pair of two.

Here comes this board and it's a split pot!

Posted: , by Daniele Casino, Level 8

Who would bust her? Maybe no one but someone is trying to.

Sofia Lovgren opend from UTG at 1200 and received a call from Alex in middle position.

The Flop showed: Jack Hearts9 Diamonds3 Clubs and Lovgren placed a continuation bet of 1100 receiving a call from Alex.


The turn is: 5 Spades The Swedish Poker player on UTG opted for a check and than call the bet of Alex for 2850.


The River Card is: 3 Diamonds that see both players check.


The showdown let Sofia Lovgren wins the pot of 10300 chips with 6 Diamonds6 Clubs  while his opponent muck his cards.