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Jacobsen just came by our table and told us that he had just doubled and knocked out an opponent.

Jacobsen raised preflop with 1010 and got 2 callers, while one 3-bets him, Lasse now 4-bets and gets 3 callers.

Flop comes Queen104 and Jacobsen has hit a set. He ends all in with an opponent who can show two pair Queen4

No help for his opponent and Jacobsen now have around 80,000 in his stack,

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We just saw Lasse take down a hand, showing his bluff on the river when the opponent folded.


The board is

3 Spades9 Hearts6 Clubs3 HeartsAce Spades

And there's around 5,000 chips in the pot.

Jacobsen sits in UTG and bets 2,250 chips into the pot, his opponent in CutOff tanks and finds a fold.

Jacobsen asks if we want to see his hand and shows 4 Hearts5 Hearts