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Jacob Nielsen looks like he is cruising towards the final table, as 35 players remain and he has a huge stack of over 1,000,000 chips.

Nielsen just knocked out the player on his right, as they get all-in on the turn. The board shows:

SpadesSpadesSpadesSpades - Four clubs

Opponent shows Jack HeartsJack Diamonds

Nielsen shows Ace SpadesAce Clubs and has a nut flush.

River is blank and Nielsen eliminates yet another player.

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UTG+1 raise to 16,000 and everyone folds around to Nielsen who calls in BB.

Flop comes

9 Hearts8 Clubs2 Clubs

Both players check


2 Spades

Nielsen bets 20,000 and gets a call


Ace Diamonds

Both players check and Nielsen shows 9 Clubs6 Clubs

Nielsen now have around 700,000 chips

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Nicola Sasso is still dominating his table and continues to get more and more chips in his stack.

Sasso is UTG+1 and raises to 18,000, with Nielsen in MP calling and the BB calling.

Flop is 

3 Spades8 ClubsQueen Clubs

BB checks, Sasso fires 21,000 and Nielsen and BB folds.

Sasso is the biggest stack at the table currently.

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We just witnessed another large hand between Jacob Nielsen and Steven Van Zadelhoff.

Jacob raises to 10,000 from UTG+1 and Steven re-raise to 27,000 from UTG+2. Nielsen calls.


2 ClubsQueen Hearts7 Clubs

Nielsen checks and Zadelhoff bets 27,000 again. Nielsen tanks for 5 minutes and finds a call.


Jack Diamonds

Nielsen checks again and Zadelhoff bets 67,000. Nielsen shoves all-in for around 270,000 and Zadelhoff folds after a few minutes of thinking.

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Nicola Sasso has just been in a war with the two other big stacks at his table. 

Jacob Nielsen raised under the gun plus one to 8,000, and from his left Steven Van Zadelhoff called and Sasso called from the big blind.

The flop brought 5 Clubs3 Spades6 Diamonds, Sasso and Nielsen checked and Van Zadelhoff fired 18,000 which Sasso called, Nielsen folded.

On the turn the Jack Hearts hit and Sasso checked, Van Zadelhoff bet 35,000. Sasso thought for a moment and raises to 72,000 chips which makes Zadelhoff fold.

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Every time we go by Jacob Nielsen's table, it seems that his stack is getting bigger and bigger. We saw him play a hand in the BB against the button, where the button raises pre-flop to 8,500 chips, Nielsen re-raises to 20,000 and gets a call.

Flop is

Ace HeartsJack Spades10 Diamonds

Nielsen bets 20,000 and gets a snap fold from the button.

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Brian Calleja raises from UTG+2 to 6,500 chips and gets a call from Andrea Stellato in SB and Jacob Nielsen in BB.

Flop comes

Ace HeartsQueen ClubsKing Diamonds

Stellato bets 10,000, Nielsen folds and action is on Calleja.

Calleja thinks for a few moments and then pushes all-in. Stellato asks for a chipcount, but eventually folds. Calleja shows King SpadesKing Hearts to the tables, for a set.

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Nielsen and Anastasi has just been in two major hands against each other, making it possible for Nielsen to almost triple his stack and bust Anastasi out of the tournament.

The first hand is AK vs JJ, where Nielsen hits an Ace on the board.

The next hand is QQ vs JJ, where Nielsen wins with a higher flush than Anastasi.

Nielsen now has around 200,000 in chips. 

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Jacob Nielsen has just doubled again and now has around 120,000 in chips.

Jacob and a player in Late Position battles pre-flop and ends up with 20,000 in the pot. The flop comes


Jacob bets 15,000 and LP calls.



Jacob bets 20,000 and the LP goes all-in. Jacob calls instantly.

LP shows Ace3

Jacob shows AceKing

River is blank and Jacob scoops the 120,000 pot.

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We just caught Jacob Nielsen moving tables, with a lot more chips than he had when we started today.

He told us that he had sucked out on his opponent and doubled that way through. The hand fresh from memory went something like this

CO raises to 2,500 and Nielsen on the button calls.

Flop is

5 Spades7 Spades5 Clubs

CO bets 3,800 and Nielsen raises to 8,000 after some hollywood acting as the said himself.

CO thinks for a moment and pushes all-in. Nielsen decides to call with his last 15,000 and shows 22

While his opponent shows JackJack

Turn provides help for Nielsen as its a 2

River is a King and  Nielsen doubles.

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We just talked to Jacob Nielsen who just doubled his chips in a hand against the tables 'old fart'.

MP raises to 500, Nielsen calls on the button and SB also calls.

The flop comes 44K rainbow

SB checks, MP bets 1,000, Nielsen calls, SB reraises to 3,000, MP folds and Nielsen calls.

Turn is blank

MP checks and Nielsen bets 5,000. MP calls

River blank

MP checks again and Nielsen goes all-in with his last 12,000 chips.

After thinking a few moments the MP calls and mucks his cards. Nielsen shows 45 for trips.

Nielsen made the following comment about his play so far 'I play terrible, as i am as always more focused on sportsbetting than on poker. So i was happy to get this little present'

Nielsen is now in 40,000

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We just talked to the Danish player Jacob Nielsen, who told us that he had just lost a 10,000-chip pot.

Before the flop a player raised to 125 from the under-the-gun position and Nielsen three-bet to 600. Nielsen was seated in middle position and a third player got involved from the button. 

The initial raiser made the call as well and the flop brought out Q-2-3 rainbow. The action was checked to Nielsen who bet 700, the button called and the first player folded.

On the turn an ace hit and Nielsen continued with a 1,600-chip bet, getting called once more by his opponent. The river completed the board with a 3 and Nielsen fired out 3,000. After tanking for a bit his opponent made the call tabling a pair of nines. Nielsen did not show his cards and mucked as he was caught bluffing.