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Jacobsen just came by our table and told us that he had just doubled and knocked out an opponent.

Jacobsen raised preflop with 1010 and got 2 callers, while one 3-bets him, Lasse now 4-bets and gets 3 callers.

Flop comes Queen104 and Jacobsen has hit a set. He ends all in with an opponent who can show two pair Queen4

No help for his opponent and Jacobsen now have around 80,000 in his stack,

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Giuseppe Crisafulli pushed all in for 154,000 chips from the button and received a call from Jerome Iozza who was seated in the small blind.

Iozza: Ace SpadesAce Clubs
Crisafulli: King HeartsKing Clubs

The board is ran out 6 Diamonds6 Hearts8 SpadesJack DiamondsKing Diamonds and Crisafulli doubled up after hitting a king on the river!

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Giovanni Safina raised to 35,000 and Nicola Sasso three-bet from small blind up to 85,000 chips and received the call from his opponent.

On the flop, Sasso bet 100,000 and his opponent pushed all in for 300,000 chips. Sasso opted to make the call and the showdown went as following.




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The flop is 3 Spades10 Diamonds8 Spades, Luca Moschitta bet 15000 chips, the opponent raise up to 35000 chips and the italian player push all in for 170000 chips, call from opponent.

Turn is 4 Diamonds and river is 3 Hearts and Moschitta doubles up his stack

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We just caught Jacob Nielsen moving tables, with a lot more chips than he had when we started today.

He told us that he had sucked out on his opponent and doubled that way through. The hand fresh from memory went something like this

CO raises to 2,500 and Nielsen on the button calls.

Flop is

5 Spades7 Spades5 Clubs

CO bets 3,800 and Nielsen raises to 8,000 after some hollywood acting as the said himself.

CO thinks for a moment and pushes all-in. Nielsen decides to call with his last 15,000 and shows 22

While his opponent shows JackJack

Turn provides help for Nielsen as its a 2

River is a King and  Nielsen doubles.

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Steven van Zadelhoff's day has started off extremely well in the 100K GTD Planetwin365 tournament.

With K-9 offsuit Van Zadelhoff raised preflop against his opponent that had raised from middle position. Van Zadelhoff's opponent called and the flop brought out K-Kh-9h, Van Zadelhoff bet around three quarters of the pot on the flop and received a call from his opponent.

The turn showed the 7h and Steven fired another barrel. This time Van Zadelhoff's opponent decided to raise and the Dutch pro made the call. On the river Van Zadelhoff's opponent opted to move all in and things weren't that hard for Van Zadelhoff who called immediately holding the nuts!

This nice double up has bumped Van Zadelhoff's stack to well over twice the starting stack!