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We just saw a big hand unfold, as DonBartos had just joined the table.

The flop has just been dealt and there is around 4,000 chips in the pot. The board shows

3 Clubs7 Spades8 Spades

Criscuolo in BB bets 4,000 and DonBartos in MP calls.


10 Clubs

Both players check


King Clubs

Criscuolo checks and DonBartos fires 10,000 into the pot. Criscuolo moves his stack towards the line, but decides to just call. 

DonBartos shows 5 Clubs6 Clubs for a flush

Criscuolo shows Ace SpadesAce Hearts annd has a pair of aces.

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And he plans to stay a while.

We asked what he expects from the tournament and he hopes to be able to play his usual aggressive style and control the table. 

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We just talked to DonBartos who could tell us that he had just busted out of the tournament and was on his way to buy in to the tour again.

The hand he busted on was played against what DonBartos calls 'Spewy Fishes'.

UTG raises to 700, MP calls and DonBartos calls

Flop is K92 rainbow

DonBartos checks, UTG bets 1,000, MP calls 1,000 and so does DonBartos.

Turn is another 2

DonBartos checks,

UTG checks

MP bets 4,000

DonBartos calls and UTG folds.

River is a Q

DonBartos checks and MP puts him all-in for around 10,000. DonBartos tanks for a few minutes and finds a call with King Diamonds5 Diamonds, but unfortunately for him MP has AA and scoops the pot.

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Dutch pro player DonBartos is begin very active, and mostly against Italian players. We just witnessed a hand that was concluded preflop. Italian player Mustapha Kanit, who lives in Malta to play poker raises to 450 chips, another Italian player three-bet from the button to 1,250 chips and DonBartos squeezed to 3,575. Both Italians players folded after giving it quite some thought and DonBartos collected the chips.


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We just spoke to DonBartos, who told us that he is down to around 20,000 chips after 'spewing off' during some hands.

One of the hands he told us about went as following:

A player in middle position raised to 250, two players called and DonBartos squeezed to 1,250. Both DonBartos' opponents called creating a three-way pot.

The flop showed 654 with two hearts and both players checked to DonBartos who fired 1,500 and got one called.

Turn brought the King Hearts and now DonBartos' opppnent lead out for 7,000 and that was enough to take down the pot..



The first players have shown up here at Portomaso Casino on Malta, including DonBartos. 
DonBartos won a SCOOP event last year and we managed to catch a glimpse of his most prized possession, the SCOOP winner's watch.