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Andrea Vinci just lost what looked like a battle between him and the guy on his right.

Flop has been turned around and the pot is already around 30,000

4 Clubs6 SpadesJack Clubs

EP checks and Vinci fires 9,500 chips at the pot.

He quickly gets re-raised by EP to 18,500. Vinci tanks and folds.

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Domenico Cesta has just knocked out an opponent.

We arrive at the tables when the river has just been dealt and the board shows

Queen ClubsKing Diamonds3 Clubs6 Spades7 Spades

Cesta pushes all-in for around 20,000 chips and his opponent calls after a few minutes.

Cesta shows Ace HeartsJack Clubs

Opponent shows 8 Clubs8 Hearts and loses.

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We come over to Charlo's table on the river, where he is sitting on the button.

The board shows 

6 Spades9 Hearts4 HeartsQueen Diamonds5 Diamonds

His opponent in BB bets 15,200 chips and Charlo thinks for a few moments before calling.

His opponent shows 9 Diamonds5 Clubs and has two pairs.

Azzopardi mucks. 

There was around 65-70,000 chips in the pot.

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Sinding has just been put under pressure from the player on his left, as the two battled over a decent sized pot.

Sinding sits in LP and raises to 2,500 pre-flop, but gets re-raised by CO to 6,200. Sinding calls after thinking 4 minutes time.


King Clubs4 Diamonds2 Diamonds

Both players check


4 Hearts

Sinding now fires 8,500 into the pot, but gets raised all-in by his opponent very fast. Sinding thinks for around 3-4 minutes and makes a fold that seemed like it didn't please him.

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We just caught Jacob Nielsen moving tables, with a lot more chips than he had when we started today.

He told us that he had sucked out on his opponent and doubled that way through. The hand fresh from memory went something like this

CO raises to 2,500 and Nielsen on the button calls.

Flop is

5 Spades7 Spades5 Clubs

CO bets 3,800 and Nielsen raises to 8,000 after some hollywood acting as the said himself.

CO thinks for a moment and pushes all-in. Nielsen decides to call with his last 15,000 and shows 22

While his opponent shows JackJack

Turn provides help for Nielsen as its a 2

River is a King and  Nielsen doubles.

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We arrive at the table as the flop has just been shown and there is around 20-25,000 in the pot already.

The flop is

5 SpadesQueen Clubs5 Clubs

MP and MP+1 both check and Messina on the button takes a few moments to think about his move. He ends up betting 8,800 chips into the pot and both opponents snap folds their cards.

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And we are started, the dealer have just announced that there will be 14 levels today and we will stop as soon as we are down to 9 players for the final table.

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