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Posted: , by Daniele Casino, Level 14

The action was made all in the pre-flop : MP  raise to 5200 chips , Chris naudi floated from the Button and the Big Blind moved allin, Naudi called for 22K.



Naudi showed Queen ClubsJack Clubs and the Big Blind showed 8 Spades8 Hearts


Posted: , by Daniele Casino, Level 5

It's Maltese Chris Naudi turn, he raise 600 preflop from UTG+1 position and is soon rereaised by Hijack position till 1400, Naudi makes a call.


The flop comes : King DiamondsAce ClubsQueen Diamonds  Naudi first to talk instantly checked , his opponent bets 1900 and the Maltese Poker Player calls.


The turn is: 8 Clubs Naudi checked again, his opponent bets 5000 and after a minute Naudi finished allin.


The player in HiJack position thinked a lot and after the Floorman counted his time he made a call for 13800 chips more and showed 8 Diamonds7 Spades while Naudi showed Ace Diamonds10 Diamonds 


The river card is 6 Diamonds , Chris Naudi fly to 72K and his opponent is busted.