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Posted: , by , Level 4

Cutoff raise to 600, button calls and Masciale in SB raise to 2,650 only to get a call from BB.

Flop comes

2 Hearts9 Clubs4 Spades

Masciale bets 2,800 and gets a call from BB


King Spades

Masciale bets once again, this time 4,500. BB thinks for a few moments and decides that a fold is probably the best.

Posted: , by , Level 1

Table 4 seems like an active table, with several large pots played already.

UTG+1 raises to 250 pre flop and gets a call from UTG+2, while the button decides to raise to 750. SB and BB calls, the same does UTG+1 and +2.

Flop comes

8 DiamondsKing DiamondsAce Diamonds

UTG+1 checks, UTG+2 fires 800 chips, button folds, SB calls, BB folds and UTG+1 calls.


Queen Hearts

SB now bets 3,500 chips into the pot.

UTG+1 folds, while UTG+2 calls.


Queen Clubs

Both players check and UTG+2, Carmine Masciale, shows 7 Diamonds4 Diamonds for a flush, while SB shows Ace Hearts2 Hearts for a pair of aces.