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Gianpaolo Memola was just knocked out in 8th place, after losing a crucial preflop all in. It was Nicola Sasso who raised to 100,000 to start off the action and Domenico Cesta three-bet to 275,000. Memola moved all in over the top and Sasso folds, after which Cesta snap-called.

Cesta: Ace SpadesAce Hearts
Memola Queen ClubsQueen Diamonds

The board ran out 3 Clubs9 Hearts10 Clubs3 HeartsJack Spades and wasn't what Memola was looking for as he exited in eighth place.

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Nicola Sasso has just been knocked out by Salvatore Incardona in a crazy hand. We arrived on the scene when the board showed Ace Hearts6 Diamonds8 ClubsAce Spades7 Clubs and Sasso put Incardona all in for about 125,000 with 400,000 in the pot.

Incardona called and showed Ace Clubs10 Spades agaionst Sasso's 9 Spades10 Hearts. Sasso's straight wins and Incardona was knocked out in 21st place for €1,360.

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Jacob Nielsen looks like he is cruising towards the final table, as 35 players remain and he has a huge stack of over 1,000,000 chips.

Nielsen just knocked out the player on his right, as they get all-in on the turn. The board shows:

SpadesSpadesSpadesSpades - Four clubs

Opponent shows Jack HeartsJack Diamonds

Nielsen shows Ace SpadesAce Clubs and has a nut flush.

River is blank and Nielsen eliminates yet another player.

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Brian Calleja raises from UTG+2 to 6,500 chips and gets a call from Andrea Stellato in SB and Jacob Nielsen in BB.

Flop comes

Ace HeartsQueen ClubsKing Diamonds

Stellato bets 10,000, Nielsen folds and action is on Calleja.

Calleja thinks for a few moments and then pushes all-in. Stellato asks for a chipcount, but eventually folds. Calleja shows King SpadesKing Hearts to the tables, for a set.

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We arrive at the table as the flop has been dealt 8 Clubs8 Spades8 Diamonds and the dealer is turning around the turn card. There is around 70,000 in the pot already.


10 Diamonds

Brian Calleja bets 13,000 into the pot and Amata calsl.


3 Hearts

Calleja goes all-in for around 50,000 and has Amata covered.

Amata tanks a few minutes and calls.

Calleja shows 9 Diamonds9 Hearts for a full house and Amata mucks and says goodbye to the table.

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Sinding has just been put under pressure from the player on his left, as the two battled over a decent sized pot.

Sinding sits in LP and raises to 2,500 pre-flop, but gets re-raised by CO to 6,200. Sinding calls after thinking 4 minutes time.


King Clubs4 Diamonds2 Diamonds

Both players check


4 Hearts

Sinding now fires 8,500 into the pot, but gets raised all-in by his opponent very fast. Sinding thinks for around 3-4 minutes and makes a fold that seemed like it didn't please him.

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...But gets no callers at all.

Tobias Sinding was sitting in UTG+2 and pushed what looked like A6s. The others would have none of it and decided to fold, providing Sinding with more chips to his stack.