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Planet Win 365 Malta 100k GTD

Posted: , by , Level 29

From the Portomaso Casinos and we would like to extend our congratulations to Jerome Iozza for winning the Planetwin365 €100,000 guaranteed tournament.

After four fascinating days of poker we're down to a winner, as Iozza managed to beat a field of 329 players to claim the victory here today. We would like to thank all the players, staff, bloggers and fans for this amazing event at the fabolous Portomaso Casino in Malta.

Make sure to keep checking in with us, as there's plenty of live coverage to come in the upcoming months. Until then we would like to wish you a good night and good fortune at the tables!

Learn more about PlanetWin365, the host of this tournament, by clicking this link. 

Posted: , Level 29

The two remaining players, Cesta and Iozza have decided to make a deal. Iozza was crowned champion ater the deal was completed, of which the numbers have not been made public to us.

Stay tuned, as we will bring you one last update of this event with the winner photos!

Posted: , by , Level 29

Nikola Prijovic was just knocked out in third place in a hand against chip leader Jerome Izzo. Prijovic ended up all before the flop in a showdown that went as following.

Prijovic tables  Queen HeartsQueen Spades against Iozza's  8 SpadesAce Spades and the board ran out 10 HeartsAce DiamondsAce Clubs4 Diamonds8 Clubs.

This is where Prijovic's tournament ends, but he will collect €14,800 for his efforts.

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The three remaining players have settled on a deal and play has resumed.

The exact numbers have not been confirmed, but one of the players told us everyone is guaranteed €20,000 with €3,000 left to play for.

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The final three players have decided to pause the tournament to discuss a possible deal. We will get back to you as soon as there's word from the tournament floor.

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We're down to three as Nicola Sasso has just busted out of the tournament in fourth place.

The board showed 2610King when Iozza moved all in and Sasso put in the call for his tournament life.

Iozza showed Ace ClubsAce Spades for the best starting hand in poker and he was way ahead against Sasso's King HeartsQueen Hearts.

Sasso was still drawing live, but the meaningless 2 on the river did not help him. Sasso was knocked out and just three players remain who are all guaranteed ot make at least €14,800.

Level: 29
Small blind: 40000
Big blind: 80000
Ante: 5000

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Robert Tarpey has just been knocked out by Nicola Sasso, as we're down to four players. Tarpey ended up all in before the flop holding King Diamonds9 Spades and he was up against Sasso's Ace Hearts3 Diamonds.

The board brought no help for Tarpey and he was eliminated in 5th place for €8,600.

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Nikola Prijovic has just doubled up, as him and Cesta ended up all-in on the flop.

The board showed 10 Clubs2 DiamondsQueen Hearts when Cesta showed KingJack versus Prijovic's King ClubsQueen Clubs. On the turn the 5 Hearts hit and the river completed the board with the 5 Clubs. This did not help Cesta's draw and he doubled up Prijovic.

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Domenico Cesta was seated in the cutoff and raised to 160,000 and Nikola Prijovic opted to three-bet to 360,000 from the button. Cesta gave it some thought and ultimately he made the call.

The flop brought King Spades7 Spades9 Hearts and both players decided to check. On the turn the Queen Diamonds popped up and both players checked once more. The river brought the 6 Spades and the action was checked once more.

Cesta showed Ace DiamondsQueen Hearts and he took down the pot.

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With a new level, and a very fine looking red chip valued at 100,000, the action is now back underway. Most of the 5,000 chips have been taken out of play, this to make betting, raising and calling that much easier with the big chips.

Level: 28
Small blind: 30000
Big blind: 60000
Ante: 5000

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We'll be right back with more poker action as the final table of the PlanetWin365 €100,000 Guaranteed tournament continues.

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The board showed 3 ClubsQueen Diamonds5 Spades8 Hearts when Nicola Sasso faced a 250,000-chip bet from Jerome Iozza. Sasso went into the tank for a bit but ultimately he opted to fold his hand.

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The aciton has been very tight recently as our remaining players are quite content folding their cards constantly. The money jumps are quite significant and this could factor into the passive playing style currently displayed at the final table. 

In 15-minutes there will be a break and perhaps that will shake things up a little bit, as there's very little to report from the Portomaso Casino right now.

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Nicola Sasso and Nikola Prijovic just fought out an interesting battle, which was mostly conducted before the flop. Prijovic raised to 100,000 from the button and Sasso opted to three-bet from the big blind to 255,000.

Prijovic made the call and folded when Sasso bet another 355,000 on the 7 Spades6 HeartsQueen Hearts flop.

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Alfonso Riccardi has been eliminated in sixth place after losing back-to-back big hands. First he lost a big pot against Nikola Prijovic followed by his final hand against Robert Tarpey. Riccardi ended up all in before the flop and the showdown went as following.

Riccardo showed Ace Hearts5 Hearts against Tarpey's Ace SpadesAce Diamonds and the board brought no help for Riccardi. He's been eliminated in sixth place and we're down to five.

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Giovanni Safina was knocked out in seventh place and we're already down to our final six. The board read 8 Hearts4 Clubs6 Hearts6 Spades when Safina ended up all in against Domenico Cesta after quite some action.

Cesta bet 190,000, Safina three-bet to 380,000 after which Cesta moved all his chips into the pot. Safina made the call and showed Ace Hearts7 Hearts for both a flush and straight draw. Cesta was ahead as he tabled 7 Clubs5 Clubs for a straight. The river brought the Ace Clubs and Safina missed his draw and was knocked out. 

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We are now on Level 27, as very tight plays continued. We're barely seeing any flops and most hands are being contested preflop. The pay jumps are significant and that's likely the biggest factor for this passive play.

Level: 27
Small blind: 25000
Big blind: 50000
Ante: 5000

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Nikola Prijovic raised to 100,000 from under the gun and Alfonso Riccardi made the call from the button. The flop brought out King Spades5 Spades3 Spades and both players checked after which the turn brought the King Diamonds.

Once again both players checked and the river brought the 2 Diamonds. The action was checked again and both players checked again. Riccardi showed 10 Hearts10 Diamonds and that's enough over Prijovic's Ace Diamonds7 Diamonds.