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Sudar Made The Right Decision

Posted: , Level 21

Caruso keeps raising on table 5 and this time he put 28,000 in the pot receiving a call from the Stevan Sudar in the cutoff.

The flop showed 2 Diamonds10 Spades5 Diamonds and both players checked. On the turn the 10 Hearts hit and Caruso bet 42,000, Sudar called. The river brought the 6 Spades and both players checked and showed their cards. Sudar had 7 Hearts7 Spades against Caruso's Ace DiamondsJack Clubs and Sudar won the pot.

Live report by Daniele Casino
Daniele Casino - Reporter

Daniele Casino is an Italian live reporter, who follows the team around every time there is a live tournament that we will cover.