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Out Natuzzi Alessandro in two hands

Posted: , Level 19

At the beginning are all in Berti Fabio with Ace DiamondsJack Clubs and Natuzzi Alessandro with Jack DiamondsJack Spades

Unclement board for Natuzzi: 10 SpadesKing SpadesAce SpadesKing Clubs7 Hearts


Natuzzi, with 13000 chips left, moved all in and Corsetti moved all in too for 170000 chips and received the call from Fabio Berti.

At showdown Corsetti showed 5 Hearts5 Spades, Fabio Berti showed Ace HeartsKing Spades and Alessandro Natuzzi showed 6 Hearts6 Diamonds.

Board: Queen Diamonds10 Clubs3 SpadesQueen Clubs5 Diamonds and Corsetti doubles up his stack while Natuzzi is out.


Live report by Daniele Casino
Daniele Casino - Igaming.org Reporter

Daniele Casino is an Italian live reporter, who follows the iGaming.org team around every time there is a live tournament that we will cover.