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Fulciniti Loses 220,000 To Moschitta

Posted: , Level 21

The pre-flop action had already been done and on this flop: 2 Spades8 Spades3 Diamonds Luca Moschitta bet 35,000 from the hijack, the button folded and Big Blind, Federico Fulciniti, made a call.

On the turn, the 3 Spades, Fulciniti checked and Moschitta moved all in for 151,000 chips. Fulciniti gave it some thought and made the call showing Ace Diamonds8 Diamonds. Moschitta showed Jack SpadesJack Hearts and he took down the pot when the river brought the7 Clubs.

Live report by Daniele Casino
Daniele Casino - Reporter

Daniele Casino is an Italian live reporter, who follows the team around every time there is a live tournament that we will cover.