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Split Hand

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We just witnessed a three way pot that took a weird turn on the river.

As we arrive at the table the flop is shown

8 Hearts8 Diamonds7 Diamonds

and turn is being dealt

8 Spades

UTG checks, UTG+1 checks and UTG+2 bets 600. UTG and UTG+1 both calls relatively fast.


7 Spades

UTG checks, UTG+1 checks and UTG+2 now bets out 3,100 chips.

UTG tanks for five minutes and find a call and UTG+1 also finds a call relatively quickly.

UTG shows Ace Hearts7 Hearts

UTG+1 shows 3 Clubs3 Hearts

UTG+2 shows 4 Hearts4 Diamonds - All for a split pot.

Live report by Daniel Allermand
Daniel Allermand - Igaming.org Reporter

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