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Alessandro Barone wins 65,000 pot

Posted: , Level 6

While half of the tables were on dinner break, the other half used the time to play some big pots.

We just came by table 6 again where a big hand was unfolding. We came on turn where the board shows

2 Hearts6 Hearts7 Clubs8 Spades

UTG bets 4,400 chips into the 10,000 pot. Alessandro Barone in UTG+2 thanks for a few minutes and raises to 15,000.

UTG doesn't seem intimidated and pushes all-in after a minutes time, with a snap call from Barone.

UTG shows 10 Diamonds10 Hearts for an overpair

Barone shows 10 Clubs9 Diamonds for a straight. 

UTG needs to catch a 9 to tie the pot, but as river comes a

King Clubs there is no help for him and he losses 26,700 extra as he had Barone covered.

Live report by Daniel Allermand
Daniel Allermand - Reporter

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