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Folding a set is possible..

Posted: , Level 4

...Just not in this hand.

Mathias Storvik opened from UTG+1 at 350 and received call from Middle position 1 and 2 , Hi Jack, Small Blind and Big Blind.

The family pot saw the flop: King Spades9 Clubs8 Hearts Small and Big Blind checked, the original raiser bets 1325 and get called from MP1, HJ and SB.

The turn is a : 4 Clubs and all players check it.

The river card is : 10 Clubs SB, UTG and MP1 checked, and Hi Jack bets 7350 chips .

Small Blind called and showed 4 Diamonds4 Hearts that was not enough for Hi Jack that got a straight with his: Queen HeartsJack Hearts

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