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Steven van Zadelhoff paid a weak flush

Posted: , Level 6

Steven van Zadelhoff paid a weak flush , could he keep out from this spot? 

The player in the HiJack position opened to 825, the Dutch Pro from the Button made a call and also the BigBlind called.

The Flop is: 8 Spades7 SpadesAce Spades

BigBlind checked , the player in the HiJack position bets 3025 , Steven van Zadelhoff called , BigBlind reaise Allin for 11825 and both following players called his push.


Turn: 3 Spades Check - Check

River Card: 9 Clubs Check - Check

Showdown: Steven van Zadelhoff showed 9 Spades10 Spades , BigBling showed Queen Spades2 Spades and HiJack mucks.

Steven van Zadelhoff lost 12650 chips

Live report by Daniele Casino
Daniele Casino - Igaming.org Reporter

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