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Planet Win 365 Malta 100k GTD

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Dutch pro player DonBartos is begin very active, and mostly against Italian players. We just witnessed a hand that was concluded preflop. Italian player Mustapha Kanit, who lives in Malta to play poker raises to 450 chips, another Italian player three-bet from the button to 1,250 chips and DonBartos squeezed to 3,575. Both Italians players folded after giving it quite some thought and DonBartos collected the chips.


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We just spoke to DonBartos, who told us that he is down to around 20,000 chips after 'spewing off' during some hands.

One of the hands he told us about went as following:

A player in middle position raised to 250, two players called and DonBartos squeezed to 1,250. Both DonBartos' opponents called creating a three-way pot.

The flop showed 654 with two hearts and both players checked to DonBartos who fired 1,500 and got one called.

Turn brought the King Hearts and now DonBartos' opppnent lead out for 7,000 and that was enough to take down the pot..

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We have now reached Level 3, which brings 75/150 in blinds and 45 minutes of play. When this level ends it's time for the first break of the day for the players, giving them a chance to stretch their legs or smoke a cigarette.

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Level: 3
Small blind: 75
Big blind: 150
Ante: -

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Tobias Sinding from Norway has been playing some pots, but hasn't really won or lost any big hands so far. The seat next to him has just been occupied by Ina Pavlova, which seems to work out great as the two know each other.

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We just talked to the Danish player Jacob Nielsen, who told us that he had just lost a 10,000-chip pot.

Before the flop a player raised to 125 from the under-the-gun position and Nielsen three-bet to 600. Nielsen was seated in middle position and a third player got involved from the button. 

The initial raiser made the call as well and the flop brought out Q-2-3 rainbow. The action was checked to Nielsen who bet 700, the button called and the first player folded.

On the turn an ace hit and Nielsen continued with a 1,600-chip bet, getting called once more by his opponent. The river completed the board with a 3 and Nielsen fired out 3,000. After tanking for a bit his opponent made the call tabling a pair of nines. Nielsen did not show his cards and mucked as he was caught bluffing.

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Level 2 has started and we have already seen the first players bust out of the tournament. The blinds are 50/100 for anotehr 45 minutes.

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Steven van Zadelhoff's day has started off extremely well in the 100K GTD Planetwin365 tournament.

With K-9 offsuit Van Zadelhoff raised preflop against his opponent that had raised from middle position. Van Zadelhoff's opponent called and the flop brought out K-Kh-9h, Van Zadelhoff bet around three quarters of the pot on the flop and received a call from his opponent.

The turn showed the 7h and Steven fired another barrel. This time Van Zadelhoff's opponent decided to raise and the Dutch pro made the call. On the river Van Zadelhoff's opponent opted to move all in and things weren't that hard for Van Zadelhoff who called immediately holding the nuts!

This nice double up has bumped Van Zadelhoff's stack to well over twice the starting stack!

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Level: 2
Small blind: 50
Big blind: 100
Ante: -

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More and more players are finding their ways to the tables, as we have played a little over 25 minutes of the first level of the tournament. So far there has been no shouting or extraordinary sounds, so it seems that the bad beats have stayed away.

Level: 1
Small blind: 25
Big blind: 50
Ante: -



The first players have shown up here at Portomaso Casino on Malta, including DonBartos. 
DonBartos won a SCOOP event last year and we managed to catch a glimpse of his most prized possession, the SCOOP winner's watch.

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